Fanfiction and random one-shots/stories!

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Fanfiction and random one-shots/stories!

Post  Ahsoka Tano on Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:18 pm

Fanfiction and Random one shots and stories! I'm working on one as we speak! Post one-shots here, or, if their a full chapter story, make your own topic saying the title and putting "fanfiction" beside it.

Example: Aiming High (fanfiction)

You can also talk here about your story. And if you need help on a chapter, you can ask for help here. I know the people on here have helped me more than once.

I'm Ahsoka Tano at you're service! PM me if you need to talk to the Padawan of the Chosen One! I'm here pretty often! Just... watch out for my dark side. Wink
May the Force be with you,
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Re: Fanfiction and random one-shots/stories!

Post  TheSWArtist on Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:13 am

I think this might be my first time writing from Obi-Wan's point of view. I've written Anakin before, but how did I do with Obi-Wan and the emotions throughout the story?


It's a mere sniper. They've dealt with snipers before. Anakin Skywalker is confident they can take him out fairly easily. He's not worried when blasterfire streaks inches from his nose. He's not even worried when the sniper proves more difficult to capture. They will catch him in the end.

They split up. Obi-Wan issues the orders and Anakin and Ahsoka obey. Afterward, Anakin will wonder over and over again why he didn't go directly after the sniper... the one time he listens to his old Master is the only time he misses his rebellious streak...

The sniper has vanished. Anakin looks around, staying alert. Whoever it is is either hiding or gone.

Suddenly, the Force flares in warning and Anakin turns just in time to see a red flash light up the night. A cry pierces the air.

Obi-Wan stumbles backwards, his hand flying to his chest where a wound has opened up. Even from the distance, he can see Obi-Wan's eyes glaze over with shock. Then, as if in slow motion, his best friend tumbles from the building.

“Obi-Wan!” he shouts, breaking into action. Ahsoka is already there, kneeling beside the Jedi Master, who has landed in a stack of boxes. Trusting his Padawan to take care of him, Anakin races after the sniper, determined to catch him. But he is too late: the sniper leaps into a speeder and is gone in a cloud of dust. Anakin weighs his options- he can go after the sniper or get Obi-Wan back to the Temple- no doubt he'll need medical attention. After a second of indecision, he returns to Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.

Ahsoka is a mess of emotions, as Anakin can sense the moment he enters the little run-down alley. Grief, anger, dread. She slowly turns to look at him and he sees that her eyes are sparkling with tears. He forces himself to look at Obi-Wan and can see that he is not breathing.

The word pounds in his head as he drops to his knees next to Obi-Wan's body. Images are flashing through his head faster than he can count; Obi-Wan promising him that he will become a Jedi, Obi-Wan sparring with him as a Padawan, Obi-Wan fighting beside him as a Knight...

And now he is dead.

Ahsoka is looking at him rather nervously, as if expecting him to explode like a time bomb. He feels frozen, numb.

Then anger thaws his heart and his shout of horror and pain echoes through the dark streets of Coruscant.


He will not cry. He will not rage and slaughter the sniper who killed his Master in an act of revenge. He knows this wouldn't be what his Master would want.

A little late to start following his wishes, a cold voice whispers to him. He lifts Obi-Wan's body, which is deceitfully warm and starts back toward the Temple.


It is harder than he imagined it would be.

He can handle shaving his beard (although he was reluctant to part with it.) He can handle the pain of changing his face and voice. He can even handle the bounty hunters and prison. But the only time he wishes that he can back out of his mission is when he comes face to face with his former Padawan.

It is rather unnerving to be on the receiving end of Anakin's intense hatred. Obi-Wan has seen it before- directed at slavers, Dooku and Grievous. But never did he guess that he would be victim to Anakin Skywalker's legendary ferociousness.

Pinned to the wall, Obi-Wan struggles not to fall back into the role of his Master. The words: “Be mindful of your feelings” are on the tip of his tongue but he swallows them. To say them would give himself away- or worse- Anakin would think he was mocking him and kill him.

"If it were up to me, I would kill you right here!" Anakin says darkly. "But lucky for you, the man you murdered would rather see you rot in jail."

He is surprised to learn that Anakin is only refraining from killing him because he knows that Obi-Wan would not. He isn't sure if he should be thankful to Anakin for listening to him for once or relieved that he isn't going to die.

Obi-Wan realizes that hand pinning him to the wall is trembling- not out of anger, but sadness. He chances a glance at Anakin and is surprised at what he sees. His face is twisted up in anger, but his eyes speak volumes about his grief. Anakin is taking this harder than he thought he would.

Mentally, he smacks himself- what was he expecting? That Anakin would come waltzing in with a smile on his face? Of course Anakin is upset.

Obi-Wan wonders how his former apprentice will react when he comes back from the dead. He will be hurt, most definitely and angry too. He wonders if Anakin will ever trust him again. He thinks of how they used Anakin's grief to they're advantage- how he lied to Anakin. Perhaps Anakin will be justified in any punishment he will inflict on Obi-Wan.

For a single moment, Obi-Wan wishes he could reveal himself and let Anakin in on the secret so he can put Anakin out of his misery. Anakin would have been an asset on the mission...

The moment passes. Obi-Wan allows himself to be led out of the room.

The mission always comes first.

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